“If elms and willows can bravely bud new leaves before the first of April
Surely I can dare to choose against cynicism in spite of the danger of late frost.
There are needs in my heart and requests on my breath and I have no way of knowing
How those will be fulfilled, but God That I Belong To, I have nothing left for all my careful
Suppositions and calculations but to fling my life on you
As recklessly as the young spring breeze tosses itself through this valley.
I have no time for spouting endless requests of ‘please’ or ‘can you give me this,’
Having grown as skeletal as the cottonwoods that remain starkly bare since November
I am in as much need of renewal as the rest of the world.
If Earth can entrust the miracle of winter becoming spring becoming summer again to You,
Surely I can rest knowing that you will time perfectly my equinox.”

Prayer for the Last Day of March

Looking back and finding God’s faithfulness evidenced, because a lot has already changed since 3.31.14.

(via mountainsandmoleskines)


Was playing around with my camera and some broken glass, and I captured this. (OC)

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