*Chris Traeger voice*:  LITerally


How am I going to tell them I lost my job.

I have a wife, and 3 children

3 Children. 

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Lens Between Us

An awesome tumblr blog, of Two points of view: she photographs him, he photographs her, at the same time.


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Wild Asters

Dennis Miller Bunker, 1889

School supplies are bought, my backpack is packed, and tomorrow morning I start school again as an English major. God is so good and this is just another step this year that he has orchestrated perfectly, and I am thrilled to see how the semester goes.

This is the face of a lady who is so excited to study words and stories all semester.

The summer was full of adventuring with joshuavorse.  It’s a beautiful world we live in, and it’s even more spectacular when shared.  

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